Ahorn Camp promotes sustainable projects

Ahorn Camp becomes a supporting member of WOHNmobil for climate protection

WOHNmobile and Ahorn Camp for climate protection. Although travelling by motorhome or campervan is the more sustainable option compared to a package holiday by plane, motorhomes also emit some CO2 and put a strain on the ecological footprint. Once you arrive at your destination, you should behave in an environmentally friendly way, produce as little waste as possible and pay attention to nature conservation. But you can also behave in an environmentally friendly way during the journey and compensate for the CO2 emissions. The WOHNmobile association plants hundreds of trees every year, not only to preserve the forests, but also because the forests are the lungs of the earth. Many environmentally conscious and passionate campers are aware of their responsibility and donate one cent per kilometre driven per year. Ahorn Camp is also aware of its social responsibility and donates every year to the WOHNmobile association for climate protection, so that many new trees can be planted with the money.

Another great project of the association is to create a platform for ecological pitches. Using a detailed catalogue of criteria, campers rate the pitch in terms of ecological standards such as planting, regionality and environmental impact. In the future, environmentally conscious campers will not only be able to compensate for their trip, but also enjoy their holiday in nature with a clear conscience.

Together with WOHNmobile für Klimaschutz, we support the reforestation of German forests and advocate climate-neutral travel. For us, motorhomes and climate protection belong together.

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