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You have traveled with a motorhome several times and have reached the point where you ask yourself an important question. Should I buy my own motorhome? Or should I continue to rent?

Just take a spontaneous trip. Drop everything and off you go. Why not just go away for the weekend. Without long planning time, price comparison and check of availabilities. Who does not dream of it. Just escape from everyday life and get out into nature. That is only possible with your own motorhome.

Yes, there are some advantages and disadvantages between buying and renting a motorhome. You should be aware of these. It's a good idea to draw up your own list of pros and cons. This way you can find out how far along you are in the decision-making process.

Buying your own motorhome is definitely a big step, as the purchase involves certain costs. Are you aware of this and want to embark on the adventure of owning your own motorhome? Then the question arises as to which model best suits your requirements. We will be happy to advise you on this. In the following article, we have compiled important points for the purchase of a motorhome for you.

What types of motorhomes are there?

It is very important to get an overview of the different motorhome variants. But first we need to clarify an important question. What is actually the difference between a camper and a motorhome? Quite simply, there isn't one. The term motorhome is heavily entrenched in the vocabulary. Only the industry and the manufacturers use the term motorhome. This includes all body types of motorhomes and camper vans.

Variant 1: Alcove

Alcove motorhomes offer their owners a special feature. There is a separate sleeping area above the driver's cab. This is known as an alcove. The so-called superstructure protrudes over the roof of the driver's cab. This creates a special sleeping area for 1 to 2 people. This well thought-out room layout creates plenty of space for the whole family. And in addition to the sleeping area in the rear of the motorhome, the alcove provides additional sleeping or play areas.

Alcove motorhomes are probably the best known form of motorhome. Due to their concise form they are also often used on signs with motorhomes or motorhome pictograms.

 Suitable for 4-6 persons / medium to high comfort

 Space for families
 Dinette does not need to be converted into sleeping space
 Clear room layout and separated driver's cab

 Alcove entry not suitable for everyone
 Increased fuel consumption due to increased air resistance
 Overall height takes some getting used to

Variant 2: Partially integrated

Semi-integrated motorhomes got their name from their design. Unlike fully integrated motorhomes, you can see the exact distinction between the original vehicle model and the motorhome body. Semi-integrated motorhomes offer sufficient comfort while retaining their great driving characteristics. The motorhome achieves this thanks to its practical dimensions, which leave nothing to be desired.

 Suitable for 2-4 persons / medium to high comfort

 Additional sleeping place possible as folding bed
 Ideal for couples and small families
 Low fuel consumption
 Pleasant driving experience due to lower centre of gravity (compared to alcove)

 Lift bed connected with surcharge
 Dinette conversion necessary if additional sleeping space is required and no lift bed is included

Variant 3: Van Van

Are you looking for a motorhome and don't want to compromise on functionality or storage space - and all this paired with an everyday vehicle? Then our van panel van series is just right for you. You'll enjoy all the benefits in terms of equipment and comfort and can easily find a parking space on city trips.

The special advantage of our Renault Master-based vans is the integrated bathroom with shower and toilet. This means you are independent on your travels and (depending on the country) you can even do without an overnight stay at a campsite and enjoy the great outdoors to the full. This motorhome variant is the perfect companion for young couples and adventurers who are young at heart. Do you want something even more compact and don't need an integrated bathroom? Then the Van City based on the Renault Trafic is the ultimate in flexibility. It scores points with a length of less than five meters and also offers space for four people.

 Suitable for 2-4 persons / medium comfort

 More storage space than a camper
 Sanitary facilities available
 good headroom
 Sufficient storage space
 Also possible to use in the city (parking situation)
 Continuous headroom

 Less space than in a motorhome
 Too small for families

Variant 4: Integrated motorhome?

The driver's cab and living area are connected, which makes the space seem more spacious.

We do not offer this model variant at Ahorn Camp , but we did not want to ignore it and have included it for this reason.

 Suitable for 2-4 persons / high comfort

 Great feeling of space
 Ideal for longer trips and frequent use

 Higher weight
 Not so agile
 Not so clear

Would you like to find out more about renting a motorhome?

Have you chosen your favorite route and want to set off spontaneously? Then book your motorhome quickly and easily here. Simply find your nearest Ahorn Rent rental partner and book your motorhome experience now. We wish you lots of fun on your next trip!

To find the right motorhome, a few general questions are helpful:

How often and for how long will I use the motorhome in the year? - ly for weekend trips or for all holidays in the year? Or possibly as a permanent camper for several months?
Will I also use the motorhome in winter?
How long should the routes be that I want to drive? - ort distances within Germany and Europe or long distances across several continents?
How many people will be using the motorhome? - uple or additional children?
How many beds are needed? - Drop-down bed or dinette conversion/double beds or queen-size bed?
How much storage space do I need - Do I have additional equipment such as skis, a canoe or surfboard?
What comfort do I not want to do without? - rnishing of bed or bathroom.
Should pets be accommodated as well? - eeping place for dog etc.
Do I also want to use the motorhome as an everyday vehicle?
What size parking space do I have available? - rport, underground car park or garage?
Which motorhome is right for me - Which model meets my expectations?

Realize your dream now

Still not quite sure which motorhome could be yours? You are welcome to visit us in our showrooms and get a better overview on site. You can find our branches and dealers here. Our sales team will be happy to advise you and show you the individual advantages of your dream vehicle. This will give you an even better impression and you can also feel the materials and get a good idea of the space available.

Do you now know exactly which motorhome is best for you? But are the costs too high for you? We have a few more tips for you.

On mobile.de we have a large selection of annual cars that are offered at attractive prices.

Alternatively, we have put together a financing offer with our partner, which can be adapted to your wishes. Simply talk to us about this in the consultation and we will include this in your individual offer.

We also have a great offer for the right insurance for you. Everything from one source and made for you.

Last but not least, we have the best tip for you. Visit us at one of the many travel fairs and benefit from attractive trade fair discounts. Here you will find an overview of upcoming trade fairs, including information on where to find our stand.

We will also be happy to keep you up to date on promotions and offers via our newsletter. Simply register now and benefit.

You would like to try our models first and spend your next holiday in a rented motorhome? No problem. Simply find a rental partner near you and book right away. Test now under ahorn-rent.de

We wish you an exciting time choosing your motorhome. We are happy to assist you with advice and support and accompany you in the fulfillment of your adventure "own motorhome".

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