Warranty of your motorhome

To ensure years of driving pleasure with your motorhome, we recommend that you adhere to the inspection intervals specified by Renault. These are required either after 2 years or after 40,000 kilometers. You can find out the exact intervals from a Renault Service Partner near you.

Every motorhome from Ahorn Camp comes with a mobility guarantee from the date of production. This becomes effective after registration of the motorhome, upon presentation of the vehicle and warranty certificate, on the date of first registration.

The warranty claims for the Renault chassis, the body by Ahorn Camp , as well as for accessories and manufacturer's equipment are for 2 years.

A 5-year guarantee is given on the tightness of the superstructure, subject to compliance with the tightness tests. Warranty claims remain valid only if work has been carried out by the service partners authorised by Ahorn Camp and the specified leak test intervals have been observed.

Service and maintenance of your motorhome

Enjoy carefree travel and take out your extended warranty with our personal advisors today. Individual design options allow you to tailor the warranty to your needs in the long term.

Service & Maintenance

This includes all tasks that arise in the course of the maintenance cycle.
This includes, for example

  • Leak test
  • Gas test
  • Body inspection
  • Automotive technology and automotive electrics
  • Prepare vehicle for winter
  • Underbody care

Retrofitting & additional installations

  • For your safety: e.g. gas detector, mini safe, rear view camera, alarm system with contacts on superstructure door and 3 windows.
  • For self-sufficient travel: e.g. gas cylinder 11 kg, satellite system, solar system, body battery.
  • For that little bit extra: e.g. cab seat covers in eco-leather, Renault Master cab carpet with Ahorn logo, Van sports seats on motorhomes, outside shower (hot and cold).

Further items can be found in our accessories price list.

Cleaning and care

  • Manual cleaning
  • Roof cleaning

*Offer on request, depending on capacity

Accident Repair

  • Construction (roofs, back walls)
  • Change plastic parts (bumper, aprons etc.)
  • Repairs of all kinds (water system, electrical system, gas line, construction)

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Yes, the mobility guarantee is effective from the date of production and is activated on the date of first registration after registration by us (vehicle registration certificate and warranty certificate required).

In the event of a breakdown, you must call RENAULT Assistance.

You can contact RENAULT Assistance around the clock all year round as follows
Telephone within Germany:
+49 (0) 89 559 878 555

(landline rate: 0.20 €/connection; mobile rate: max. 0.60 €/connection)
Telephone outside Germany:
+49 (0) 89 559 878 555

E-mail: renault@europ-assistance.de

However, do not commission any other service providers.
If you commission another service provider, any costs incurred will not be reimbursed.

The following data are required by RENAULT Assistance to check the entitlement to benefits and to determine the further procedure in the event of a breakdown:

  1. Customer name and telephone number
  2. Vehicle model
  3. Vehicle identification number
  4. Km status and registration date
  5. Registration number
  6. Location of the vehicle
  7. Nature of the breakdown

A 17-digit number, consisting of letters and numbers, which is assigned once to a vehicle on the chassis. It is located in column "E" in your car registration document or on the right side of your windscreen.

The prerequisite is a breakdown. What does this mean?
A breakdown is
- a sudden and unforeseeable breakdown of a vehicle, caused by the failure of mechanical parts or the electrical system, which leads to the vehicle coming to an immediate standstill.
- a ban on starting or continuing the journey at all due to the illumination of the red warning indicator for oil, coolant level or brake fluid.

A breakdown does not exist in the case of events such as
- the general recall of products
- regular or other maintenance
- the installation of accessories
- inadequate maintenance of the vehicle, for example :

  •  failures of the vehicle which are due to non-compliance with the maintenance intervals and maintenance instructions
  • vehicle failures due to defects already known but not yet repaired
  • vehicle breakdowns due to the fact that necessary repairs already recommended by RENAULT partners have not been carried out by the owner
  • Plannable repairs, i.e. no sudden and unforeseeable breakdowns

Abroad, the customer can claim the same services as in Germany, provided a breakdown occurs within the above-mentioned geographical area of validity.
There are also additional services, such as the possibility of shipping parts. Vehicle return transportation can be arranged with RENAULT Assistance if the vehicle cannot be repaired within 5 working days.

Please send an e-mail to service@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number, description and photos.
Please send us a precise description of the defect ("part defective" is not sufficient) and informative pictures from close up and from a distance.
Incomplete information may delay processing.

Tightness guarantee     

5 years (if the leak tests are complied with)

Guarantee structure       

2 years

Warranty accessories and devices

2 years

Chassis/chassis warranty 

2 years

Body battery warranty    

12 months

As soon as the car and warranty certificate are sent to Ahorn Camp , the warranty will start.

For faster processing, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly if you have any complaints about the device or accessories.

Below are the contact details:

ALDEN satellite system
Alden Germany GmbH
Phone: +49 (0) 5493 913660
Fax: +49 (0) 5493 913663
E-Mail: info@alden-deutschland.de www.alden-deutschland.de

Thetford refrigerator

Truma heating/ air conditioning system
Phone: +49 (0) 89 46172020
Fax: +49 (0) 89 46 172020
E-mail: service@truma.com https://www.truma.com/de/de/home/ihr-direkter-draht.php

Webasto Heating/ Whale Boiler
Phone: +49 (0) 395 5592229

Infoline end customers
Phone: +49 (0) 2572 879195
E-mail: ev@dometic-waeco.de

Phone: +49 (0) 032 56528924

Audio design/ navigation devices

Fiamma roof ventilator

No, only our service partners are authorized to carry out warranty work. By training our service partners in advance, a uniform and excellent work is guaranteed.

No. You are not entitled to a rental car. Nevertheless, you are welcome to ask your local partner.

Let the Service Center know by sending an e-mail to service@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number, description and photos. Incomplete information may delay processing.

Report by e-mail to service@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number. A new service booklet costs 25,- Euro plus shipping costs

You are welcome to contact our service team here!
Service hotline +49 (0) 6232 10028202 or service@ahorn-camp.de
We will put you in touch with our workshop.

The tightness test or body inspection is a maintenance which must be carried out regularly to ensure the tightness guarantee.

During the leak test or body inspection, certain points on the vehicle are checked for moisture and, if necessary, the outer flaps including body door are adjusted, the hinges of the furniture caps and the rubber seals on the window and outer flaps are checked.

For vehicles with an initial registration date up to 31 August 2017, the leak test must be carried out every 6 months on the date of initial registration. If, for example, the date of first registration of your vehicle was 07.01.2016, the first leak test must be carried out by 07.07.2017. Each further leakage test must then always be carried out 6 months later i.e. 07.01./07.07./07.01 etc. As far as the information from the manufacturer.

For vehicles with an initial registration date from 01 September 2018, the leak test must be carried out every 12 months on the date of initial registration.

In order to be able to comply with these requirements, we recommend our customers to contact our service department at an early stage (approx. 3 weeks in advance) to arrange an appointment. If, despite an early inquiry, no appointment is available in our workshop, you always have the possibility to have the leak test carried out by one of our partners.

The test may be carried out a maximum of 7 days before or 7 days after the key date (date of first registration). If this is not possible, we can grant a margin of approx. 14 days in individual cases as a gesture of goodwill, +/- to the EZ date.

If the check date is exceeded by more than 14 days, please remember that the guarantee is void.

The inspection must be carried out either after 2 years or after 40,000 driven kilometres. Whichever comes first.

At Ahorn Camp under spareparts@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number, description and photos. Please note: It is not possible to order by telephone!

Please send us an e-mail in this regard to service@ahorn-camp.de with the chassis number of your vehicle.

225/65 R 16C 112/110 R-6,5J16-66
225/65 R 16CP 112R- 6.5J16-66
235/65 R 16C 115/113 R- 6,5J16-66
All 4 tires must be the same.

Summer tyres - 225/65 R 16 CP 112 R- 70PSI

Yes, to a maximum of 4 t for Renault chassis due to air suspension and load.

Loading is only possible in combination with an air spring. The loading can be done at Ahorn Camp . The registration is carried out by the registration office.

No, towing capacity max. 2 tons for motorhomes. For vans it is 2.5 tons.

Drain the water from the fresh water tank (remove the plug)
Open all taps
Drain the water from the heating system (boiler) at the corresponding drain devices
Switch on the water pump briefly to drain the pipes
Flush the toilet several times
Squeeze water out of the taps with air (air pump, compressor or mouth)
Either remove or disconnect the battery (in which case it must be checked regularly)

You can also find a YouTube video about it here:

Yes, here are our offers: Link
You can also contact us by e-mail at service@ahorn-camp.de to request it.

Please read page 177 of the gray manual (IN) Service carefully.

Read carefully from page 249 of the gray manual (IN) Service.

If the vehicle is not used for a long period of time (3 days or more), switch the PoverLink to 0 and disconnect the battery terminals on the quick release to disconnect power completely.

With Euro 6b, the alternator is active until the starter battery has reached the charge level required for restarting, after which the CAN bus switches off the alternator and the starter battery is no longer charged.

Since both batteries are connected in parallel when the engine is running, the body battery is not charged either.

It is also possible to have a charging booster installed (in Speyer for €550). This enables the batteries to be charged independently of the CAN bus.

You can activate or deactivate the heating using a switch. When the appliance is activated, the waste water tank heats up when the temperature drops below 2.5 °C. If the temperature is above 4 °C, the heating stops, even if it is activated. When the temperature drops below 2.5 °C again, it starts to heat up.

Your question about the warranty and maintenance of your motorhome has not been answered? We are at your disposal!

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