Strong together with Ahorn Camp - Our multifaceted commitment

For over 30 years, Ahorn Camp has developed over two generations from a small family business into one of the fastest growing companies in the motorhome industry. With over 100 employees, we are proud to have formed ourselves into a strong and dynamic team.

Our daily work requires perfect interaction between everyone involved in order to achieve our common goals. We believe that strong communities and teams are the basis for success. That is why it is important to us to support the cultural and leisure sector in our region.

Team sport is at the heart of our commitment. Our corporate values are reflected here: precision, passion and speed. Like a well-coordinated team, we also work together to achieve remarkable results. It is particularly important to us to recognize strengths and develop potential. We not only think about the present, but also about the future - a mindset that connects us with our sponsoring partners.

We are proud to be part of the sports community and look forward to continuing to achieve great things together with our partners.

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Eintracht Frankfurt's U21 team has found its new home at Ahorn Camp Sportpark - a place that not only embodies soccer, but also innovation and community. Since the 2022/23 season, Ahorn Camp has been the proud namesake of this modern ...

We have been a proud partner of Ahorn Camp BIS Baskets since 2019 and its name sponsor since 2020. For us, this partnership is far more than just a cooperation - it is an expression of our deep connection with the city and its ...

As a company based in Speyer, we are strongly committed to promoting local sport and culture. With over 7 million members, soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. We support this movement ... 

As a company with roots in Speyer, proximity to our sponsoring partners is particularly important to us. In addition to our commitment in the area of sports sponsorship, social commitment is particularly important to us. We support the initiative ...

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