Home office in the motorhome

Working on the road in a rolling office

Home office in a motorhome sounds a little strange at first. But why not just try it out for yourself? We will show you the advantages of the rolling office and what you should bear in mind when setting up your mobile workplace.

The advantages of the home office in general are obvious, especially in this day and age. By working from home, the risk of infection is reduced due to the physical separation from colleagues and customers. As long as it is possible to work from home and the infrastructure is in place, the home office should be used to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many people therefore had to adapt to an unfamiliar working environment very quickly and at short notice. This brings challenges, but also opportunities. In addition, the home office offers some advantages compared to the normal working day in the office.


The advantages of working in a home office

Time saving - the journey to the workplace is of course completely eliminated. No mile-long traffic jams or crowded trams. Directly from the breakfast table and office. Without stress and hectic. You have probably never been so relaxed when you come to work.

No distraction - Of course we like our colleagues and one also likes to use a little time out for a chat. But even this can quickly distract you and tear you out of your concentration phase. In the home office, however, you are on your own. This usually allows you to work with greater concentration.

Conscious lunch break - If you are already working at home, you finally have the opportunity to cook something for lunch. In the office the sandwich from the baker around the corner has to be enough. But at home you have the perfect opportunity to cook yourself a small lunch. Also a fresh salad is quickly arranged.
In addition, people are more likely to use the time for a break in the home office than in the office. It is easy to spend the break at work here.

Creative pauses - You are sitting at a tricky task and somehow you don't get anywhere. Why not just take a break and do the dishes left over from breakfast. That way you have done a job in the household and could distract yourself for a short time. Most of the time, you find the solution to your problem all by yourself. Alternatively, you can also use the time to do some stretching and sports exercises.

In addition to all the advantages, working in a home office naturally also has some disadvantages. Therefore, you should create clear structures and also keep a clearly structured working day at home. If you have the possibility to have your own office at home, you should keep the door to the office closed at the end of the day. This will give you the necessary distance to your workplace. If you do not have your own office, you should store your work documents and laptop after each working day. True to the motto "out of sight out of mind".

Working in the home office brings challenges, but also opportunities.

The mobile home as a rolling office

In addition to the home office in the apartment or house, the home office in the mobile home is also very common nowadays and has long since ceased to be a trend. The idea of surfing hipsters who call themselves "digital nomads" and report on experiences on their world trips on blogs and social media has meanwhile given way to an everyday situation. Many freelancers use the opportunity to live cheaply and always react flexibly to customer requests. Especially photographers and journalists use this office on wheels more and more often.

The home office in the motorhome definitely has a number of advantages. In the following, we present some tips and information on the subject of home office in the motorhome.

The office on four wheels - If there is no room for your own office in your own home or if you are too distracted by your children, simply move your office to your motorhome. This allows you to work in a concentrated manner and is the perfect way to separate work and private life.

Change of scenery made easy - When you move away from home with your motorhome, you are free to choose your place of work. By the lake or the edge of the forest? Both are possible. Of course you should pay attention to local prohibitions and treat nature with respect.

A short walk in between - The break can be spent in the greenery. So you get the necessary balance and can really switch off during the break.

Everything on site - whether wet room, kitchen or sleeping area. You have everything directly on site and can therefore be completely self-sufficient. This means you are completely independent and can concentrate on your work.

A different kind of business trip - Regardless of hotel prices and room availability, you can also conduct your business trips comfortably in your own motor home. This allows you to arrange appointments flexibly and you always have your favourite pillow with you.

Create a good infrastructure so that your rolling home office can function without problems.

Before you set up your home office in your motorhome, some important basic requirements should be met so that nothing stands in the way of your rolling office.


Power supply and internet in the motorhome


In our motorhomes you usually have a USB socket near the table, as well as in the sleeping area and in the driver's cab (up to 6 USB sockets as standard, depending on the model) and 230 V sockets near the body door and in the bathroom. The USB 12 V socket supplies your equipment with power anytime and anywhere, provided your body battery is charged. If you want to use a 230 V socket, you should have shore power plugged in. You can therefore use this socket without any problems if you are standing on a parking space or use the motorhome as a mobile workstation in the backyard.

But there is also an alternative to use the 230 V socket without the connection to shore power: For this you need an inverter.

In order to make your home office in your motorhome as independent as possible and to be self-sufficient, our Autarkpaket could also be interesting for you.

Our "Autark" package includes the following accessories (suitable for motorhomes):

2000 Watt sine wave inverter: converts the 12 V current of the board battery to 230 V.
Charging booster: channels the current that the starter battery draws from the alternator to the body battery.
200 watts of solar: provide additional energy generation and charge the body battery.
Second battery: Required to double the maximum current capacity.


There are several ways to use the Internet in your motorhome:

If you have sufficient data volume within your mobile phone contract, you can easily set up a Personal Hotspot via your mobile phone or tablet on your laptop. You can connect to this hotspot via the WLAN setting on your laptop. Nowadays, most mobile phone providers have attractive offers for this. This option is also practical in other EU countries: since 15 June 2017 there are no roaming charges within the EU. So you can use your contract just like at home.

Alternatively you can also use a so-called SurfStick. In this case, a SIM card is inserted into a SurfStick, which is similar to a USB stick, and everything is activated there via pin. Good connections can keep up with the DSL connection, but the speed can also be slower. Since the mobile network is used here, the speed depends on the expansion of the data network in the respective region. With a prepaid tariff you have good cost control.

If you are standing with your vehicle on a pitch / camping site or just in the backyard to have a change of scenery at work, you can of course use the WLAN of the facility / house.

There are other ways to use the Internet in the vehicle, such as installing a mobile router.


Data access and communication with colleagues

Data access

Since usually several people need to access a database and access to the company server does not always work, it can help to use an online solution.

The quick and easy way to set up such a storage location is through a cloud storage solution. A well known provider is Dropbox. With this solution, a virtual place for data storage is set up. Data can be stored, viewed and downloaded via the user account that has been set up. Access is via a browser or the offered app. This allows several users to manage the data via one access.

Due to data security, many companies also resort to the possibility of setting up their own cloud. This can be done, for example, via the provider OwnCloud. Here, free cloud software is loaded onto the company server. In this way, the data is stored in the own company and not, as with most public cloud solutions, on a server in the USA.



There are also useful tools for communication within teams, which contribute to easy communication. There are now several providers who offer free use of these tools. These are for example MeisterTask, factro, Asana, Trello, Basecamp or Monday.com.

These project management tools can be used to provide various projects with tasks and checklists. In this way everyone involved knows the status within the individual projects.


  Virtual Team Meetings

There is also no need to forego the weekly team meetings or agreements with customers. Of course, the majority can also be agreed by e-mail or chat, but a personal conversation is also important for the psyche. Regular video calls can even reduce the feeling of isolation. The virtual meeting room offers opportunities to exchange information directly and to react to facial expressions and gestures of your colleagues. This simplifies communication and helps to integrate everyday office life into the home office.

Would you also like to turn your motorhome into a rolling office? We would be happy to advise you personally and put together a solution that meets your individual needs. Click here for our contact form.

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