The warranty extension from Ahorn Camp

Would you like to enjoy your freedom on four wheels and be financially protected at the same time? Our extended warranty not only offers you the best protection for your vehicle, but also the security of maintaining and even increasing the value of your vehicle.

Why should you opt for an extended warranty?

Enjoy carefree travel and take out your extended warranty with our personal advisors today. Individual design options allow you to tailor the warranty to your needs in the long term.

Different terms can be selected - to suit your needs

Comprehensive cover for unexpected repair costs

Comprehensive insurance for assemblies, components and equipment

Fast processing in the event of damage

Coverage of chassis, technical equipment in the body and installed accessories at the time of purchase

Personal customer service

Price overview


51,00 € per month

or one-off payment € 605.00 incl. VAT.


51,00 € per month

or one-off payment € 1,225.00 incl. VAT.


51,00 € per month

or one-off payment € 1,855.00 incl. VAT.


51,00 € per month

or one-off payment € 2,475.00 incl. VAT.

*This results in a 5-year protection after initial registration

Insurance conditions for your motorhome cover letter

Scope of the insurance cover

The insurance covers a functional failure of the following components and parts as well as the following equipment of the insured motorhome.

Cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, housing of rotary piston engines, all internal parts connected to the oil circuit, timing belt with tensioner and idler pulley/timing chain and chain tensioner, oil cooler, oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil filter housing, flywheel/drive pulley with sprocket, turbocharger and compressor and boost pressure control and control housing, hydraulic tappets, hydraulic chain tensioner, variable camshaft actuator

Master brake cylinder, brake booster, hydropneumatics (pressure accumulator and pressure regulator), vacuum pump, wheel brake cylinder of the drum brake, brake force regulator, brake force limiter and from ABS: electronic control unit, hydraulic unit and speed sensor

Electrical system
Elektronische Motorsteuerung, Lichtmaschine mit Regler, Anlasser, elektronische Bauteile der Zündanlage mit Vorwiderständen und Zündkabel als Bestandteil derselben, Tankgeber, serienmäßig gelieferte elektronische Wegfahrsperre mit den Teilen Steuergerät, Empfängerantenne, Sende-/Empfangsmodul, Zündspule, Vorglührelais und von der Bordelektrik: Zentralelektrikbox, Kombiinstrument (Schalttafeleinheit), Schaltelemente des Sicherungskastens, Bordcomputer, Steuergeräte des Bordsystems wie BCI, BSI, SAM etc. (with the exception of control units for the lighting system, chassis and radar system), front windshield wiper motor

Cooling system
Water cooler, heater cooler, thermostat, thermostat housing, water pump, radiator for automatic transmission, visco/thermal fan, fan clutch and thermal switch

Air conditioning system
Compressor, evaporator with fan, condenser, fan, expansion valve, control panel and automatic air conditioning control unit

Comfort electrics
Navigator, multimedia and reversing video system, seat heaters (mats, control unit switches)

Closure valves, water pump

Stove (hob and oven combined, also gas), hob (ceramic hob, induction, gas), oven (also gas), microwave, refrigerator, freezer, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, extractor hood, sink

Water system
Water boiler (gas and electric), fresh water tank and waste water tank without mechanical damage, water pumps, water level indicator

Heating air conditioning system
Heating system (supply air, gas or central), air conditioning

Electronic system
Converter, battery charger, electric folding or folding bed, solar panel, steps or boarding aids

Electronic devices
Television, SAT system, reversing video system, alarm system, parking sensors, electric or mechanical awning

If you are interested or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you in detail on the conditions, services and your individual situation. Simply contact us here. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service and helping you to maintain the value of your vehicle

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*The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance apply. The insurer is Cardif Allgemeine Versicherung, German branch of Cardif-Assurances Risques Divers S. A., Dieselstrasse 5, 70839 Gerlingen. Brokered by Consors Finanz, a registered trademark of BNP Baribas S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, Rüdesheimer Straße 1, 80686 Munich, Germany

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