FC Speyer 09

As a company based in Speyer, we are strongly committed to promoting local sport and culture. With over 7 million members, soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. We have been supporting this movement as a proud partner of Speyer 09 soccer club since 2020 and together we stand for team spirit, speed and passion on the pitch. The partnership goes beyond purely sporting activities - we are actively involved in the community and the environment. Together with the "Wohnmobil für Klimaschutz" association, we launched a tree-planting campaign in which over 1,000 trees were planted. This campaign was a complete success, with numerous employees from Ahorn Camp as well as officials and players from the FC Speyer 09 1st and 2nd teams lending a helping hand.

Ahorn Camp - Strong together for sport in Speyer!

As a long-standing partner, we are expanding our sponsoring

Ahorn Camp x FC Speyer 09
The second men's team of FC 09 Speyer received their shirts sponsored by Ahorn Camp GmbH, which also feature the same company logo. During a visit to the headquarters at Franz-Kirrmeier Straße 8, managing directors Alexander and Franziska Reichmann presented the new shirts to our sports director Andreas Eichholz and team manager Daniel Kretzler.

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