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Frequently asked questions on Ahorn Camp about our motorhomes and services

Renault chassis

Yes, all our models are built on a Renault chassis. Older models from 2013 are partly still built on other chassis, but since 2014 we build all Ahorn models on Renault.
Yes, to a maximum of 4 tonnes for Renault chassis by air suspension and extra load. For old Fiat models max. up to 3.85 tons.
No, towing capacity max. 2 tons for motorhomes. For vans it is 2.5 tons.

The waste water tank probe - also called heater - protects the water in the waste water tank from freezing. It is permanently active and runs on 12 V current. It consumes 2.9 amps/hour and warms the water automatically as soon as it falls below 5 degrees Celsius.

Motorhome sale

Yes, that is possible. However, if you want a comprehensive consultation, then you should make an appointment so that our consultants can also schedule enough time.
In our head offices in Speyer, Mülheim a.d.R. and Dietzenbach, all Ahorn Camp models are usually on display on site. Our trade partners usually have a large selection.
Since the vehicles are thoroughly checked by us before final delivery, it is not possible to take them directly. In addition, the vehicles are registered with the registration office beforehand.
Yes, there are also some used vehicles on site in Speyer. The best thing to do is to take a look at mobile.de . You can also call us at any time on +49 (0) 6232/100 28-0 or send an e-mail to verkauf@ahorn-camp.de.
Yes, Ahorn Camp has partners outside of Germany. You can find all Ahorn Camp partners here.


Yes, of course it is also possible to buy all Ahorn Camp vehicles without financing.
When the financing of the motorhome begins is best to discuss individually with your own bank or our processing department. As a rule, the financing begins in the month after the papers are received by the bank.
Also transfer only the actual partial amount. The specified financing is stored in our system and after receipt of payment we will transmit the documents to your responsible registration office. If you already have an appointment for delivery, then it is advisable that you arrange an appointment with your registration office a few days before. Thus you have takeover of the vehicle also already directly the license plates.

Accessories & Spare Parts

If you have any technical questions about your Ahorn Camp motorhome, please contact our service here! Service Hotline +49 (0) 6232 10028-202 or send an email to service@ahorn-camp.de.
Spare parts for Ahorn Camp motorhomes and vans can be ordered at ersatzteile@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number, description and photos. Please note: Ordering by telephone is not possible!
Unfortunately, we cannot provide advice for your accessories on site. This is only possible by mail.
The spare parts only fit the vehicles that belong to the Trigano group.
We have to check which accessories fit your vehicle by means of the chassis number. Please send a request to ersatzteile@ahorn-camp.de with your vehicle number.
The following tyre combinations are possible for your Ahorn Camp motorhome. All 4 tyres must be the same.
225/65 R 16C 112/110 R-6.5J16-66 225/65 R 16CP 112R- 6.5J16-66 235/65 R 16C 115/113 R- 6.5J16-66

The following tyre combinations are possible for your Ahorn Camp panel van. No tyre pressure sensors - valves (RDK) are required.
225/65 R16 CP up to maximum 235/65 R16 CP
Rim data: 6.5J x 16 ET66
Bolt circle: 5×130
center hole: 89,1mm
Wheel bolts / thread: M14 x 1.5

Load increase to 4t:

If the rear axle is loaded to 2.4 t, the tyres must always be replaced.
Required size: 235/65 r 16, with at least 115 load capacity.
The rims should be replaced with KBA 44544 or RE616013, according to the expert opinion.

If you are interested in a manual, please send us an e-mail to service@ahorn-camp.de with the chassis number of your vehicle. We will then send them to you as soon as possible.
All our motorhomes are supplied with summer tyres - 225/65 R 16 CP 112 R- 70PSI.
To make it as easy as possible for you to contact us, you are welcome to send us your questions/concerns in this Contact form describe the problem. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Click here for the support form: www.esxaudio.de/Kundensupport


Our service partners throughout Germany will be happy to help you. Here you can find your suitable Ahorn Camp service partner near you.

The service center is located at Franz-Kirrmeier-Straße 21a in 67346 Speyer.
For capacity reasons, an appointment is absolutely necessary.
If you do not live near our main office in Speyer, you can use the services of one of our partners throughout Germany. You can find them here.
For an inspection, it is best to contact local Renault Partners.
The inspection must be carried out either after 2 years or after 40,000 driven kilometres. Whichever comes first.
The 17-digit number, consisting of letters and numbers, which is uniquely assigned to a vehicle on the chassis, is located in column "E" in your vehicle registration document or on the driver's side of your windscreen.
If the vehicle will not be used for a longer period of time (3 days or more), fully charge the battery and then disconnect the battery terminals on the quick release in order to completely disconnect the power supply. Alternatively, we can install a battery disconnect switch for you, simply contact us at service@ahorn-camp.de.
With Euro 6b, the alternator is active until the starter battery has reached the charge for restarting, then the CAN bus switches off the alternator, which means that the starter battery is no longer charged. Since both batteries are connected in parallel when the engine is running, the body battery is not charged either. The remedy is a charge booster that keeps the charge constant until the body battery is fully charged.
For the vehicles with first registration date up to 31 August 2017, the leak test must be carried out every 6 months on the date of first registration. For example, if the first registration of your vehicle was 07.01.2016, the first leak test must be carried out by 07.07.2016. Each subsequent leak test then always 6 months after that i.e. 07.01 /07.07 /07.01 etc. As far as the information from the manufacturer. For vehicles with an initial registration date from 01 September 2017, the leak test must be carried out every 12 months on the date of initial registration. In order to be able to comply with these requirements, we recommend that our customers contact one of our service partners at an early stage.
During the leak test, certain points on the vehicle are checked for moisture and, if necessary, exterior flaps including the body door are adjusted, the hinges of the furniture caps and the rubber seals on the windows and exterior flaps are checked.
The inspection must be carried out on the initial registration date + / - 14. If the inspection date is exceeded by more than 14 days, please remember that the warranty is void.
We recommend that you continue to have the checks carried out. However, the guarantee on the tightness has expired.
Yes, we also rent out motorhomes and camping buses through our rental brand Ahorn Rent . We now have up to 60 rental stations throughout Germany. Here you can easily find a Ahorn rental partner near you.
Ahorn Camp works closely with RMV on this. You can find information on our insurance page and in our caclulator. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer for this. You can also find more information directly on the RMVwebsite.
Find out more directly from the manufacturer. Click here.
In this case, you need a larger solar charge controller. This must therefore be replaced, but is included in the retrofit price.
Please avoid deep discharging your vehicle's batteries as this could damage them. We recommend a regular check of the battery indicator. A charge should be carried out at the latest when the battery indicator shows three bars. The batteries should never show less than 11.9 V. If the battery is nevertheless almost completely discharged, disconnect it and connect the vehicle to shore power. The battery must be disconnected during the winter break and when the vehicle is parked for more than 3 days. If the vehicle is parked for a longer period of time, we also recommend charging it regularly in between.
The frost protection monitor is generally installed in the area of the heating or in the kitchen cupboard of your motorhome. The only exception is the Ahorn Camp T640, where the frost monitor is located behind the driver's seat. It is a black palm-sized box with a light blue knob and a light blue lever.
The frost protection guard may be open here. This must be closed in order to fill the tank. To do this, the blue button must be pressed in and the lever must be in the transverse position.
Air suspension installation without load increase:
  • Registration by the TÜV
  • Rear axle gets 2200kg instead of 2100kg

Air suspension installation with load increase:

  • Registration by TÜV
  • Rear axle gets 2200kg instead of 2100kg
  • Tyres and rims do not need to be changed
  • Driving licence class C1 is required (the cost of a driving licence class C1 varies from region to region)
  • TÜV intervals change - For new models every 24 months for the first 72 months and every 12 months for subsequent inspections.
  • If the rear axle is loaded to 2.4 t, the tyres must always be replaced. Required size: 235/65 r 16, with at least 115 load capacity. The rims should be replaced with KBA 44544 or RE616013, according to the expert opinion.

In all Ahorn Camp motorhomes, the passenger airbag can be deactivated. To do this, set the On-Off switch on the right side of the airbag to Off.
To increase the pressure of your motorhome's air spring, you must press and hold the switch in the middle of the control panel. To reduce the pressure of the air spring / for less air, you must press the valves on the left and right individually.
After the body battery has been disconnected for a while, for example after the winter break, your Truma heater may show error code E621 on the display the first time it is switched on. Wait 15min until this message stops flashing, then this error must be acknowledged by simply pressing the rotary/push button on the CP Plus and the heating should work as usual again. If the control panel is in standby mode, the backlight must first be activated by a single press before the message can be acknowledged with a second press.


Important note: 1 year warranty on the body battery only applies if it is not deep discharged. This means properly disconnected when the living space is not used for more than 3 days and avoiding too deep a discharge during use (below 11.9V).

To start the warranty of your Ahorn Camp motorhome, send your vehicle registration certificate and, if applicable, the warranty certificate from your service booklet to service@ahorn-camp.de.
Leakage warranty: 5 years (if leakage tests are complied with), Body, accessories equipment and chassis warranty: 2 years Body battery warranty: 12 months.
Yes, even used motorhomes and vans from Ahorn Camp have a 1 year warranty.
You are welcome to contact one of our qualified service partners. Alternatively, please send an e-mail to service@ahorn-camp.de with chassis number, description and photos. Please send us a precise description of the defect ("part defective" is not sufficient) and meaningful pictures from close range as well as from a distance.incomplete information may delay processing.
No, only our servicepartners are authorized to perform warranty work. Through training courses carried out in advance for our service partners, uniform and excellent work is guaranteed.
If you need a new maintenance or warranty booklet, write us an email to service@ahorn-camp.de with your chassis number. A new service booklet costs 25,- Euro plus shipping costs.


In the event of a breakdown, you must call RENAULT Assistance. You can reach RENAULT Assistance around the clock all year round as follows: Telephone within Germany: +49 (0) 1806 365 365 (landline rate: €0.20/connection; mobile rate: max. €0.60/connection) Telephone outside Germany: +49 (0) 223 273 78 00. E-mail: renault@europ-assistance.de However, do not use any other service provider. If you commission another service provider, any costs incurred will not be reimbursed.
In the event of a breakdown with your Ahorn Camp motorhome, we need your customer name and telephone number. Vehicle model, vehicle ID number, mileage and registration date. In addition, the license plate number, the location of the vehicle and the type of breakdown.
When abroad, you can claim the same benefits as domestically, provided there is a breakdown in the above-mentioned geographical area of cover. There are also additional benefits, such as the possibility of shipping parts. If necessary, a return transport of the vehicle can be arranged with RENAULT Assistance if the repair of the vehicle is not possible within 5 working days.
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