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As a company with roots in Speyer, proximity to our sponsoring partners is particularly important to us. In addition to our commitment to sports sponsorship, social engagement is particularly important to us. We support the "Anpfiff ins Leben" initiative, which has set itself the goal of helping young athletes and people with amputations to create optimal prospects for their private and professional lives. We firmly believe that supporting children and young people has long-term effects and are therefore fully committed to this initiative. Important values such as tolerance, respect, fairness and a sense of responsibility are taught in the areas of sport, school, work and social issues. Through our long-standing partnership, we financially support the 12,000 hours of learning support and almost 900 one-to-one career guidance sessions that take place each year. We are delighted to see how "Anpfiff ins Leben" has already given over 20,000 children and young people better prospects for their lives.

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Clubs on the way to holistic promotion - Masterclass 2023/24

How can I implement holistic support in my association? How do I create educational opportunities in the association? And how can I gain supporters through successful fundraising? In autumn 2023, the second Masterclass started, a series of training courses in which six clubs receive answers to these questions.
The masterclass consists of four modules, which provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical approaches for successful association work. Until June 2024, they will receive a qualification in the areas of sports, education and fundraising and benefit from the exchange with other clubs in group workshops.
The Masterclass 2023/24 will be attended by:

Presentation of our Masterclass participants 2023/24: BIS Baskets and Segelclub Otterstadt

The BIS Baskets and the Otterstadt Sailing Club have started this year's Masterclass full of energy. Both clubs have set themselves the goal of supporting their young members outside of sport. In the first module of the masterclass, they have already learned the basics of 360° support from Anpfiff ins Leben.
The highly successful BIS Baskets, who play in the 2nd German Basketball League, are also heavily involved in grassroots sport. Their aim is to set themselves up well structurally in order to build a bridge between the two areas.
The Otterstadt sailing club is more of a niche sport. This makes it all the more important for the club to attract young members. The topics of climate protection and sustainability should also be communicated, as the club grounds are located in a nature reserve.

Anpfiff ins Leben club counseling in cooperation with Ahorn Camp
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