Alcove motorhomes


Our alcove motorhomes offer their owners a particularly comfortable amount of space. The special feature of alcove motorhomes, in contrast to semi-integrated motorhomes, is the separate sleeping area above the driver's cabin. The so-called superstructure protrudes above the roof of the motorhome's driver's cabin. This creates a separate sleeping area. The alcove models therefore offer enough space for a vacation with friends or family.

The alcove sleeping area in the motorhome is not only fun but also safe, especially for children. A safety net can be attached to all alcove beds. This means that even the youngest children can watch the stars through the panoramic roof and fall asleep safely. All our alcove motorhomes are built on the reliable Renault chassis.

Alcove motorhomes of the AHORN CAMP SERIES

The alcove motorhomes in the Ahorn Camp series are characterized by their compact length - all models remain under seven metres. This means they are maneuverable and still offer plenty of space thanks to the alcove. All models have a rear garage and other optional accessories that can be customized.

The alcove motorhomes of the CANADA SERIES

The Canada series is characterized by its modern cabin wall paintwork in beige. The emphasis here is on elegance, a high level of comfort and the most advanced technology. All Canada vehicles have extensive standard equipment and a modern interior design. They are just over seven meters long and therefore offer enough living and storage space, but are still manoeuvrable at the same time.

The Ahorn motorhomes of the ECO SERIES

The Eco series from Ahorn Camp is available for commercial customers and impresses with its intuitive features, robust interior and durable equipment. This is why the alcove motorhomes in the Eco series are particularly suitable as rental vehicles for families. The semi-integrated model has space for 6 people and is therefore ideal for a motorhome tour with a large family or lots of friends.

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